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Director, Writer, Editor

‘My Darling Clementine: Going Back to Memphis’ 2016

Interviews and performances from Mark Billingham, Michael Weston King and Lou Dalgleish

Short Documentary

Director, Writer, Editor

‘Xisco Lozano: The Artist’ 2017

Interview from Xisco Lozano

Short Documentary


‘The Purge Night In’ 2017

Written by Rae Hanna

Based on ‘The Purge’ 2013 written and directed by James DeMonaco

Short Fan-Fiction film- Comedy

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Executive Producer, Writer

‘Being Ginger’ 2017

Written by Gabby King and Jake Griffin

Short Documentary about Ed Sheeran's Lookalike.


‘Ackley Bridge’ 2018 Series 2

Channel 4 television corporation

The Forge Entertainment

Producer, Co-Script writer

‘ArtBeat’ 2018

Script written with Ula Bialas

Studio produced magazine TV show

Camera Operator, Editor

Online Training videos, 2018

Cotton Traders Ltd.

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Director, Editor

'Please Don't Touch'

Short Film